unravelling aims to collect stories of knitted garments and objects that hold sentimental value, or contain a story of being passed down, unravelled, loved, worn and kept in wardrobes.

The purpose is to highlight the power of knit in retaining memory and nostalgia in a single object, overpowering the need in contemporary fashion to replace garments as quickly as the trends are thought up. Everyone has at least one thing in their wardrobe they will never throw away, and unravelling wants to collate, share and understand those stories.

Jean Oberlander is currently studying a Masters in Knitted Textiles at The Royal College of Art, London, and through her own personal experience with passed-down jumpers has found an interest in how knitting is used as a narrative and storytelling device. Her work looks at memory and using mark-making alongside hand- and machine-knitting to play with 2D and 3D drawing in both pen and yarn.

Her MA dissertation is focusing on answering the question of how we use knitting to communication emotions such as love, loss, and familial bonds within objects. unravelling serves as a way to collect important primary research in how different people use knitted objects as ways to communicate.


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